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After a three-year battle, Ms. Stillwell’s client prevailed against his former employer, Shannon Diversified, Inc., on claims for disability discrimination, retaliation, and failure to accommodate, among others. The defendant had refused to consider reasonable accommodations, falsely claimed he was an independent contractor, and fired him shortly after a workplace injury. The San Bernardino jury rendered a verdict in favor of Plaintiff, awarding him $138,762 in lost wages, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages, in addition to attorneys’ fees.

Ms. Stillwell negotiated a $175,000 pre-litigation settlement for an executive who had been recruited to join the company by false representations and then had been forced to leave after suffering harassment.

Ms. Stillwell successfully represented a detention officer employed by Management & Training Corporation, who was wrongfully terminated after he requested a reasonable accommodation for a workplace injury. After a jury trial in federal court in San Diego, the jury awarded the Plaintiff $250,000 in damages, not including attorneys’ fees and costs. The case was named one of “California’s Top 40 Civil Rights Violation Verdicts in 2018.”

Ms. Stillwell won a jury trial on behalf of her client, a former manager of an environmental construction company who had been promised ownership in the company and then fired. After a jury awarded the plaintiff over $4 Million Dollars in damages, plus attorneys’ fees, the case settled for a confidential sum.

Ms. Stillwell prevailed in an arbitration when she represented the former executive of a Fortune 500 company located in Orange County, who had been fraudulently induced to leave his secure employment based on false promises by a start-up company. The arbitrator awarded $3.5 Million Dollars to her client, which was affirmed as a judgment.

Ms. Stillwell does not stop prosecuting a case until the right result is obtained. Ms. Stillwell represented a former manager of a Radioshack store, who had been fired due to a disability, prevailing in a jury trial with an award of $1 Million Dollars. The court granted a new trial based on juror misconduct, and so the parties had to retry the case to a new jury years later. Ms. Stillwell’s client again prevailed on the merits in the second trial and the case settled prior to the jury reaching a decision on damages.

Ms. Stillwell filed a complaint which is pending in federal court against Palisades United Methodist Church on behalf of its former Preschool Director who had worked at the school for nineteen years. Read more about that case here and here.