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Meal & Rest Breaks

California labor law mandates the number of meal breaks and rest breaks that employers must provide for their employees, as well as remedies for employees who have been wrongfully denied the meal breaks and rest breaks required under California law. Employment Attorney Geniene Stillwell represents employees in Laguna Beach and South Orange County who have been wrongfully denied meal breaks and rest breaks as required by California law.

Under California law, non-exempt employees are entitled to receive a 30-minute meal break during any shift that is longer than six hours. During their 30-minute break, the employee cannot be required to perform any duties associated with their employment. The break must be uninterrupted and free from all work; therefore your employer cannot require you to eat at your desk while continuing to perform your job. If an employee works more than ten hours in a day, they are entitled to two 30-minute meal breaks. An employer’s failure to adhere to these laws will result in the employee being owed for an extra hour of pay for the day.

Additionally, California law requires employers to provide 10-minute rest breaks every four hours. Unlike meal breaks, however, employees may choose not to take rest breaks.

The law requires that meal breaks and rest breaks be provided. If your employer has wrongfully denied you the right to take meal breaks and rest breaks or is acting in any way to discourage you from taking them, contact our employment lawyers at the Stillwell Law Office today at (949) 494-4744 to learn about your options.

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