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Your Employer Should Accommodate Your Spouse or Child’s Disability If Needed

Most employees are aware of their right to accommodation at their workplace based on their disability. What they are not always made aware of is that employers also have a duty to engage in what is called good faith interactive process and accommodate their employees based on a spouse or child’s disability if needed.

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Are Non-Compete Clauses Valid in California

Although the quick and easy answer to this question is No under California Business and Professions Code § 16600, there are some grey areas and caveats. While an employer cannot lawfully prevent a former employee from competing in California, the employer can prevent a former employee from soliciting or influencing other employees to leave and join a competitor for a reasonable period of time.

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Is Your Employer Fairly Compensating and Accommodating You While You Work from Home?

Working from home has been a fact of life for many of us over the last year, and even after the pandemic many employees may be allowed or required to perform some or all of their work from home. What are an employer’s obligations to employees who work from home, and what if anything has changed?

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