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Employer Retaliation

California law prohibits workplace retaliation carried out as a result of an employee exercising their legal rights. If you are an employee who has exercised your legal rights and believe that you have become the victim of employer retaliation or have been forced to quit as a result (known as constructive discharge or constructive termination), it is crucial that you seek the advice of an experienced Employment Lawyer.

At the Law Office of Employment Attorney Geniene Stillwell, we have extensive experience obtaining monetary awards for employees who have been the victims of workplace retaliation and constructive discharge.

State and Federal Employment Law protects workers from employer retaliation for exercising their legal rights, which include the right to:

  • Complain about illegal actions, such as sexual harassment or discrimination

  • Report your employer for workplace violations

  • Testify against your employer in legal action

  • File for benefits resulting from a workplace injury

  • Object to your employer's failure to provide overtime or meal breaks

Employer retaliation is not solely limited to wrongful termination. Retaliation also consists of an employer taking any wrongful adverse employment action against an employee, including failure to promote, reducing benefits, reducing salary or wages, significantly changing your job responsibilities and duties, or demotion.

Additionally, when an employer takes steps to ensure that an employee is no longer able to effectively perform their duties by creating a workplace environment that is so intolerable that an average, reasonable individual in the employee’s situation would feel compelled to quit, the employer may also be held liable for constructive discharge.

If you have taken action to protect your rights or help protect the rights of others, and as a result, your employer or an individual in a position of power over you is acting in such a way to make your job difficult to perform, you are being denied promotions or raises that you would otherwise be entitled to receive, or you have been forced to quit through the acts of your employer, you may be the victim of employer retaliation and constructive termination.

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